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S.P.D S.p.A. is the ideal partner for innovative technological development in the 'mysterious field' of dedicated magnetic applications. Their flexibility, 30 years of experience and their concern for customer's needs are the weapons with which they are successfully taking on today's and tomorrow's markets. The rapid development, production and dispatch of all customized products, with functional interface guarantees, are now recognized by our best customers.

Lang - MTS official partner in Canada

Founded in 1982, Lang develops quality products based on intelligent technology to reduce and minimize set-up cost on CNC machines. The seal of approval Made in Germany is the direction they follow in the future. Lang provides clamping solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous materials through compact fixtures with high precision and strong holding power. Cost effectiveness of machine tools drastically increases through Lang Automation system. (Presently available in North America)


Eco•Compact 20

The flexible space saving miracle! Compactness and storage capacity don‘t have to contradict each other. Our new automation system proves this.

The Eco•Compact 20 utilizes 20 pallets in a remarkably small footprint.

This offers enough capacity to manufacture through the night, continuously loading the machining center through the machine tool door or loading through an installed side window.

There are numerous possibilities for the installation of the space0saving design of the LANG automation. We are positive that your machine tool will look great with a LANG automation solution!


Clamping jaws for lathe chucks and customised clamping Equipments.

HWR is an established provider of clamping technology both for turning and for milling applications. Our background consists of many years of experience and competence in providing clamping solutions both with standard and special designs. In addition to our standard products we have evolved to a specialist in low deformation clamping of thinwalled parts in turning applications

Since 2003, HWR and LANG Technik are linked by a close partnership. As a result of this, InoGrip®, a superior product of stamping technology was developed in early 2004.


Advantages at a glance

  • Quick: Fix your work pieces precisely in just a few seconds
  • Practical: complex and demanding work pieces are not a problem anymore
  • Flexible: a quick change is easy
  • Cost-saving: quick validation measurements are possible even during production procedures
  • Effective: no re-adjustment necessary for the same work pieces
  • Economical: lower assembly costs because expensive special constructions to fix complex work pieces are no longer necessary

 Possible uses

         In all areas where different work pieces need to be fixed, such as:

  • Control
  • Laser and needle engraving
  • Automation (e.g. work piece trays)
  • Your application...?

Our belief is that by providing our tools to distributors globally, we are helping companies that are end users create their products to be the top of the line. MTS is constantly developing partnerships with customers and suppliers by listening and responding to their needs. We make our customer's needs are top priority.


Professional expertise and improving productivity are our main goals. Our company is dedicated to offer high quality, reliable and competitively priced products. Our main objective is to improve efficiency and maximize your profit. MTS QUALITY ASSURANCE - We take product quality seriously!




We are presently searching for distributors and resellers to cover different areas of CANADA, USA, MEXICO and CENTRAL/SOUTH AMERICA. If your company is involved in commercial dealing with Mold Makers, Tool & Die Makers, Aerospace, Medical, Defence and Steel Operations, please contact us to obtain information regarding possible distribution of our product lines

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